Prinfan Q&A

Account Setting

I forgot my password

1. Click on "Sign in"
2. Then click "Forget password"
3. Enter your e-mail and captcha
4. Check your inbox for an e-mail to reset your password

I want to register, but I have not received the registration confirmation

1.Please check your spam folder

2.You may have mistyped your e-mail or password when you sign up, please try again. You may also change your e-mail address if the registration confirmation process has not been completed yet.

How to change my accunt?

1.By using the general registration but not completed certification, you can modify your account; if completed certification, you are unable to change your account.

2.If you register Prinfan through Facebook or Google, you are unable to change your account.

I want to hide my personal information from the public

1. Sign in to your account and go to "My Profile"
2. Click "Edit "button.
3. Check "Prevent showing my profile in search results "


How to upload photos?

Simply on click the "Upload Photos" icon that you see on every page and you can upload your photos to a new album or an existing album.

How to create a new album?

1. Click on "Upload Photos" icon, choose "Upload to a new album" and you can upload your photos right away.

2. Enter "My Profile", click on "Add a new Album" and you can upload your photos right away.

How to edit photos?

1. Enter "My Profile".

2. Click on "My Photos".

3. Select desired photos to be edited then click on “Edit”.

How to edit albums?

1. Enter "My Profile".

2. Select a single album.

3. Click on the "Edit" button to edit the album.

How to change the order of albums and photos?

1. Enter "My Profile",

2. Click on "My Albums" or "My Photos"

3. Click and drag photos or albums to change its order

4. Click on "Save" to save your photo or album order

Why was my photo reported?

Your photo will likely be reported if its contents include pornography, nudity, violence, infringement, misappropriation, etc.

How to report photos?

You can report inappropriate photos to Prinfan by clicking on the "report" icon on each photo.

What do I do if my photo has been reported deliberately?

You can read the reason why your photo was reported on the reported photo. If you feel inadequate about the report, please contact us.


What is the fan?

1. You can fan members, albums, and photos that you like, and check them out on "My Profile" page.

2. Prinfan will inform you when members you've fanned uploaded new photos.

What is the “like”function?

You can “like” albums or photos that you enjoy, each member account can only like the same album or photo once.

What is the “comment” function?

You can add your own comments under each photo using our comment function.

Prinfan Points

What can you do with Prinfan Points?

1. You can use Prinfan Points to redeem frames and stamps for free on Prinfan Shop, which can be used in our photo editing apps Pringo and Prinsnap.

How do I earn Prinfan Points?

Area How Points
Global Every 10 Pringo prints 1points
Sending Prinfan invitations
Invite friends
How to get points
Invite friends to join Prinfan, inviters get points 15points
Invite friends to join Prinfan, friends get points 20points
Birthday star will receive point gifts at the 1st of next month 10points
Have three photos selected as Top Photo 10points

Invite friends

How to invite my friends to join Prinfan?

Click the "Invite Friends" icon that you see on every page and you can invite friends through Facebook, Gmail or by entering their e-mails.

Invite Friend Rewards?

1. Invite friends to join Prinfan and with each friend that successfully sign-up, invitees get 15 points.

2. Invite friends to join Prinfan and with each friend that successfully sign-up, friends get 20 points.

3. Sending out Prinfan invitations to get more points:

Number of Friends Number of Points
1-10 invitations 10 points
11-20 invitations 25 points
21-30 invitations 40 points
31-50 invitations 60 points
>50 invitations and above 100 points